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hair like Buttercup!

I realised today - since I got my hair cut, I now have hair like Buttercup! She's always been my favourite PowerPuff Girl. Athough it's Bubbles who's the one with the octopus toys, she's very girly, and I'm not. I've always been a tomboy inside - though I'm comfortable with my gender and identify firmly as a girl, I like boyish things. When I was a young child, the sort of age that the PowerPuff Girls are meant to be, I was really happy and comfortable with myself. It was the last time until quite recently that I was. So the cartoon works on so many levels for me - it's surreal, and has a lot of humour that only adults would understand - and Buttercup's who I'd have been if I'd had super powers when I was 5.

On a related note, trying to wake myself up this morning, I got eye gel in my hair. But I suppose it's better than getting hair gel in my eye :)

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