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This evening, I was going to write up a review of Friday at BiCon - but people started arriving for my "No-sex party" and I had to stop to be social with them. Oh, the hardship! *hand | forehead > staple* Actually, having the laptop here was useful because I could show people the photos from last BiCon and alt.polycon that I haven't put online yet because I haven't got round to emailing them to people to ask for permission to do so... Having been talking to people since 9pm, I'm too tired now to write up Friday, let alone today as well - but I want to post an entry saying that I'm really happy at the moment. I always post so much negativity - you get 4 or 5 depressed or angsty posts from me for every 1 neutral or happy one.

Here's my short summary of BiCon so far: much boy-boy girl-girl boy-girl cuteness. The quote of the day was when one girl said "Everyone here is bi!" - of course, she knew all along that (almost) everyone here is bi, but it suddenly dawned on her on another level... I guess you had to be there.

Argh, having written just that short summary I'm wanting to type out a longer one, but I'm just too tired. Ah well. I'm very amused by the juxtaposition of this lj post's subject and current music: the thing is that this album perfectly fits my mood. I need a mellow userpic, too.

Sleep now.

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