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Recolouring my LJ friends.

I have been recolouring my Livejournal friends.

I ran out of colours to give everyone a unique background a long time ago. So I've been getting annoyed every time I've added someone new for the past few months. As I use LJ friends not only for watching journals, but to allow people access to more private entries, I do need to have an absolutely massive friends list. It's kind of annoying that the two features are combined into one.

Anyway, after much futzing about, I've managed to come up with a set of colours for groups of friends that I quite like. Some people who post a lot or are close friends in real life or who are associated with a particular colour scheme in my head have retained their own unique colour scheme. Everyone else has been assigned to a group based on where I know them from.

Members of the polymolecule
alexa_robinson, fluffymormegil, rowan_leigh, wuzzie, Xathaniel.
alt.polyamory group 1:
7patches, angilong, Brian1789, charlesKS, firecat, Redbird, rmjwell, therealjae, The Ogre</a>, treacle_well.
alt.polyamory group 2:
elisem, hattifattener, jinian, kalikanzeros, kalmn, polyfrog, serenejournal.
bitty, Bratman, geminigirl, HoopyCat, lcohen, nmc, Slinkr.
London poly/bis colour scheme:
aegidian, ajva, babysimon, elfgeek, jhg, kitty_goth, lolliepopp, lovingboth, kyte, the_kumquat, trishpiglet.
People who don't often post in their journals:
damerell, emperor, hatter, jamesE, mjl, nmg.
IC & icsf people:
AlexMc, Jaxom, Jhaelan, JohnCKirk, londonstatto, narenek.
People with unique colourschemes:
36, memevector. adjectiveMarcus, KatyHa, SimonDraycott, Werenerd.
Baxil bcholmes, the_siobhan. bethdeth
bfo ceno Chrismoose
ciphergoth clairaide djm4
Elynne, growf. Griffen, matthewp, mhw. gwynyth, lilairen.
HiddenPaw Kixie, psychkix. K`shandra
lilfurryDan LizW mactavish
meeping meirion, taimatsu. nephrozym, quiet000001.
nickie{D}, wuluf. PurpleRabbits Rivka, wcg.
softfruit Teal7 the_maenad, Wandra.

If you're curious about your colour scheme and why it was chosen, do feel free to ask. Though I can't promise terribly meaningful answers.

Of course, after two hours of swearing at html (couldn't get tables working how I wanted for aaaages), now my head hurts even more than it did before.

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