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my lungs are burning

Ouch. Remember on Monday I said how I'd bought The Observer on Sunday? Well, it would appear that I am terribly allergic to it. Not in terms of politics or so on - but for some reason it's giving me really bad asthma. I think it's fumes from the ink. So I can't breathe properly, my lungs feel full of crud - and I can't read my newspaper!

Damnit! Damn allergies! It would seem that I am now allergic to: milk, caffeine, feathers, some animal fur, some kinds of pollen (don't know which), some perfumes, air fresheners, shoe polish & now ink. All of these things give me asthma, except for the milk and caffeine. Air fresheners and shoe polish are the worst (the only time I've ever been to hospital with asthma was thanks to a plug-in air freshener). At home, we use one very expensive non-aerosol spray in the bathroom, as it's the only air freshener I've found that doesn't make me wheeze. What else? Smoke (well, duh). I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, very allergic to cigar smoke, and only slightly allergic to pipe smoke. Very very allergic to marujuana smoke, but it's dense enough that I can see it in the air to avoid it, and it takes a long time to spread out. Besides, none of my close friends smoke anything these days.

And my peak flow meter is lying to me. It declares that I am huffing at 460 L/min, which is unlikely when my lungs are hurting and I feel dizzy from lack of oxygen, when the best I ever manage in a doctor's surgery is 440 L/min. Huh.

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