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Bloody Outlook Express viruses!

I have one particular email address that is very prone to receiving virus mail. Don't know why that one in particular. Yesterday, I decided I was sick of going through deleting virus-infested messages by hand, and set up a mail filter in pine to drop everything sent to that address into a separate folder.

Today, I opened my "Potentially Spam" folder to discover that I had received 717 virus emails in 22 hours. 708 of them from the same person. Erk. 708 x 40k makes... 28MB? Yikes!

I wonder if I can tell my ISP to bounce back everything sent from that address? I'm sure I can set up the local machine to drop it all in /dev/null, but maybe if the idiot whose Outlook Express is sending this stuff out got 700 bounce messages a day, she might clean up her machine.

Oh, hang on - I'm crediting lusers with common sense *sigh*.

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