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you're only as old as you feel...

from #sims, with other people's comments snipped:
[baratron] i'm finding it really amusing that punk and goth are actually fashionable now
[baratron] kids going around with Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" t-shirts on who weren't even _born_ when it was released
[baratron] and i bought it in 1989
[baratron] so that must make me old
[baratron] and I'm only 26!
[baratron] when I was a teenager i thought 21 was old
[baratron] then when i was 21, i thought 25 was old
[baratron] now i just think _i_'m old
[baratron] but i don't care
[Dudesim] you will :)
[baratron] i expect i'll have a minor crisis when i get to 30
[baratron] and then again at 40
[baratron] by 50 i hope to have outgrown them
[baratron] i tell you what first made me feel old - when Ash released their album called "1977"
[baratron] which was the year they were born in
[baratron] and i thought, erk, i was born in 1976
[baratron] at least most of the bands i like are older than me
[baratron] Richard mostly likes albums released in the 70s
[baratron] he's had a mental age of 50 since he was 18
[baratron] when he actually gets to 50, he'll probably revert to being 18 again, having not had it properly when he _was_ a teenager
[baratron] i look forward to it, and laughing very hard :)

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