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gaming and the Greek government

I have completely forgotten what I was going to post about. Grrr.

Finally got round to posting one of the thingies in rhythm_action that I've been meaning to post for months. I have a couple more entries to post there, but I think I'll leave them for a couple of days so as to not completely overwhelm the journal. It's always a bit sad when 90% of the posts somewhere are by the community's moderator :) If you have any interest in rhythm action games do go and join it - more members always welcome :)

Did any of you apart from hiddenpaw see the crazy news from Greece? In an attempt to ban unlicensed gambling, the government there managed to pass a law that makes playing computer games in public illegal. *shakes head in disbelief*. Fortunately, a court there has just declared the law unconstitutional. Well, thank God for that. It's a bit worrying when one of your main hobbies gets declared illegal...

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