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my new livejournal profile.

I rewrote my livejournal profile last night. I thought I would reproduce it here for your delight and delectation, and also so that it gets saved in my main journal with a timestamp. I'm sure it will change again in the future, but for the moment it's an accurate picture of who I am now.

I define as Girl. An adult, never a "grown-up". Short, not thin. Dark hair & brown eyes. Black clothes, blue boots. Neither butch nor femme nor androgynous. Occasionally feminine, but usually by accident.

Queer, polyamorous. Bisexual [1]. Resolutely childfree [2]. Geek. Disabled. Intermittently asexual [3]. Thoughtful & interested in Stuff. Half-practical, half- dreamer. Grammar pedant, but Fond of Random Capital Letters and Brackets. Loves London, food, Words, and strange Japanese video games. Life-partner of wuzzie, extremely fond of otterylexa, cares for Family of Choice, not blood.

Totem animals: Wolfy, Octopus [4].
Totem cartoon character: Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls.

[1] I don't like the term "bisexual", but there's not a good alternative. I think of it as meaning "attracted to more than one gender".

[2] I like children perfectly well. I just don't want to have any. See childfree.

[3] See asexuality.

[4] Wolfys are like wolves, only with more fluff. There are other differences, but that's the main one.

I have 150 interests listed. Actually, I wanted to have more than that, but that's the limit. So I went through removing tautologous ones (such as "cwoa" as well as "chessington world of adventures"), and things that I wasn't that interested in.

#soc.bi, 3 colours red, 4ad, 80s music, alt.polyamory, alton towers, asexuality, atmospheric science, bemani games, bicon, bisexuality, books, breathing, cadbury's chocolate, cephalopods, chemistry, chessington world of adventures, chinese food, chris mccormack, clerks, compersion, contraception, crap photography, dairy-free ice cream, dancing badly, digital cameras, dildos, disability rights, doc martens, ebay, edge magazine, efexor, effexor, elmer the elephant, evening standard, ewoks, fantasy, films, fluff, food, frubbliness, gay, gay activism, genderfucking, girls, gitaroo man, glbt, goth, grand theft audio, grenadine, hair, harry potter, hello kitty, honesty, honeycrack, hugging, hugs, irc, izzy stradlin, jake the rake, japanese culture, japanese food, japanese video games, jetlag, kevin smith, konami, lactose intolerance, laurell k. hamilton, lean on me, lesbian erotica, lgbt, linda mccartney sausages, linux, lois mcmaster bujold, london, london underground, mallrats, mega city four, mental illness, mirtazapine, mobile phones, movies, music, neil gaiman, non-monogamy, non-smoking, noodles, not shaving, octopi, octopodes, octopuses, pasta, playstations, plushies, pmdd, pms, polyamory, pop'n music, poppy z. brite, power puff girls, powerpuff girls, pride flags, ps2, queer film, rainbows, rays, reading, real bread, relationships, restaurants, rez, rhythm action, rollercoasters, sandman, science fiction, short stories, significant others, silent bob, silliness, silver ginger 5, slash fiction, sleep disorders, sleeping, spodding, strawberry jam, surreality, talkers, terry pratchett, the sims, the wildhearts, the yo-yos, threesomes, thrill rides, tocotoxen, tofu, transgender, tube, uncle the elephant, ursula le guin, usenet, val mcdermid, vegetarianism, venlafaxine, venus envy, video games, vonda mcintyre, wildhearts, wolves, women, wuzzies.

The interests I have listed which no one else lists are: crap photography, dairy-free ice cream, linda mccartney sausages, pride flags, uncle the elephant and wuzzies. All of which are very serious interests for me!

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