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Pain. Lots of it.

I have spent the day with much pain in my back, tummy and pelvis, and with heavy, aching legs. Yes, it is That time of the month (did you even need to ask?!). I was going to write a long rant about it all, but you see, menstruation kicks off the joint problems/chronic pain thing I have even in totally unrelated parts of the body, and my finger joints hurt too much for me to be bothered to type out a long LJ post. Don't need too much sympathy - I should be better tomorrow, and back to normal by Wednesday, but at the moment I feel ancient and arthritic.

Currently listening to a Very Strange CD. It's the soundtrack from a bizarre Japanese rhythm action game, but as well as all the music from the game itself, it has tracks which seem to be clips of people playing the game. Lots of Japanese talking and giggling with Dreamcast noises in the background. Most odd. I need to find someone who understands Japanese to figure out what it's on about. Might try it on Tim & Peter this weekend - except that Peter was saying something about their new flat finally being ready this weekend. Maybe I could take it round and we could listen to it while we help them move...

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