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Monster post with all The Sims Unleashed spoilers so far.

I've just gone through all the threads on the TSR Forums looking for spoilers for the new game to pass on to my friends, and it's all below the cut tag.

Important information for installation:
If you have Sims Vacation, get your families who are on vacation back HOME before you install Unleashed!

Funky features of Unleashed:
1) At the moment you have 10 lots in each neighbourhood. After you install Unleashed, you'll have 40 or 41. That is a lot of new families you can create and YES all of those families will be able to visit each other.
2) It groups your walls and floors into sets. Sort of. It now sorts them according to alphabetical order of the names of the wall files. Now you don't have to flip through pages of walls or floors to find the match to the one you're working with.
3) It has a new and improved phone book system for calling neighbors.
4) You can edit and furnish houses which aren't occupied by a family. This does not cost any money, but raises the price of the house.
5) The previous limit of 100 objects per sort in build mode has been increased to 2000, thus fixing "the Build mode bug" whereby plants would turn into fireplaces and so on. Very useful for people with a lot of user-created objects.
6) It has spiral stairs!

Gameplay stuff:
1) The pets you can get are parrots, cockatoos, budgies, lovebirds, cats, dogs, iguanas, turtles, and goldfish.
2) You do get to choose whether the pet is male or female, and what they look like.
3) The pets stay small. They don't get any bigger.
4) You cannot have a pet monkey. The monkey pictured on the box is owned by the organ grinder.
5) The five new careers are: Animal Care, Culinary, Circus, Education, and Fashion.
6) The four Garden crops are: tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and lettuce.
7) You cannot command the pets to do certain things. Things like sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom are voluntary. To get the cat to eat the mice you have to command him through the sim. Also other things like playing with the gym, and squeek toys are also voluntary.
8) Training the pets is a pain in the rear. You cannot hire the pet trainer over the phone. You have to go to the Community Pet Store to hire him.
9) Cats can hunt mice. You only get the mice when you have a cat. You don't actually see the cat kill the mice because a blur appears on the screen.
10) Among the other pests that can come are gophers, rabbits, and racoons. Possibly you only get the racoon if you have a dog, but this is unconfirmed.
11) The cat seems to do certain things repeatedly when he is bored. Like trying to eat the fish and the birds.
12) Strays come very often and can approach your sim to beg, be petted, etc.
13) Strays can leave a "mess" on your property.
14) If you grow vegetables in your yard, the dog will automatically pee in the garden with full housebreaking skills. You can train that by buying a toy in the pet paradise. His poo will automatically water the plants (but you still need to water the plants twice a day and weed them).
15) You can train the dog on the condition that the dog has a friendship relationship with your sim. The training thingy is just to entertain yourself and the dog. Or if you're jobless, earn money in the pet show.
16) Normally when you go to Old Town you take the entire family along, including pets. However you can go up to another sim and "Invite to Old Town". Then just the two of you go.
17) It is possible to create new skins for the pets. Some people have made cat and dog skins already. Check the Skinning Forum for more info.
18) You can tell what sex your baby animals are when the pets breed. A little white house appears when it's first born, and if it's blue it's a boy and if it's peach/pink it's a girl.
19) No one seems to know whether your sims can get ill from the new pets yet (the return of the dreaded guinea pig virus?).

There is a sea monster swimming at the mouth of the river in the neighborhood screen!

Annoying bugettes:
Pet food bowls have a front and a back to them. You have to make sure the bowl is the right way round to get the pet to eat from them.

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