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Happy dance!

A guy on the TSR Forums has fixed the enormous Sims bug I've had for ages.

I wrote: Since I installed Hot Date, my game no longer generates web pages for my families. It's most annoying, as without the web pages I can't see things like for how many sim days the family has been played. I fixed the web pages for existing families by hand, copying the web templates and entering my own information, but it would be really nice to have the auto-generation on again. (My photo albums are fine, btw - at least, I can view them from within the game correctly and grab the photographs from the photo album directory).

Maxis' tech support just told me to uninstall everything and try again. So I did... uninstalled everything, ran ScanDisk and Defrag, and installed it all again, to no avail. Installing Vacation fixed a lot of my Hot Date problems, but didn't fix the web pages :( Anyone have any ideas for fixing the web page generation? Thanks in advance.

jgbishop replied: I believe that this should be the solution to your problems:

In Windows Explorer, browse to your Sims directory (where ever you had the program installed). Then, look under the following folders:

UserData\Web Templates

Once there, you should see a folder named "English". If you rename this folder to "English UK" (without the quotes, of course), I think the pages should regenerate for you without any problem. :D

Also, you can see how many days the Sim family has lived in their current house by clicking on the money total in the game.

Happy Simming!

I love this man! I now have web page goodness! I can't believe how useless EA's technical support is. All they said was "reinstall the game". I tried that, and it didn't help. Of course it didn't help - reinstalling the templates with the wrong name wouldn't help!

(It would, by the way, appear that my most-played Sim family have been going for 281 sim days. It's just as well sims don't age - if 3 sim days is enough for a baby to grow into a child, I dread to think how old my sims would be by now if they aged!).

BTW, more Unleashed info in comments to my last Sims post.

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