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strange dreams are made of these...

Been having really strange dreams recently. Last night I dreamt that I was looking for a skin of Willow from Buffy for The Sims! (A "skin" being the name given to the picture file that's used to create the characters in your sim family). I've only ever seen a handful of episodes of Buffy in my life, but as of last week I've seen enough to know who all the characters are, and so it's actually started to make sense to me now. I suppose I could get really into it, but I just don't watch TV as a matter of course.

It's funny - we do all these surveys at work where we ask people how long they watch TV for each day, and how long they spend on the internet each week. Most people watch 5-8 hours of TV each day and spend around 2 hours a week on the internet. I'm the other way round - it's 5-8 hours of the internet each day and less than 2 hours of TV a week for me! The only TV programme I make a point of watching is Will & Grace - apart from that, I watch BBC News 24 and the signed repeats of documentaries that are on at 2am.

It's very odd that I keep dreaming about the Buffy programme when I've hardly seen it at all, though. Maybe there's some sort of subliminal messaging in it? Even odder for me to dream about Buffy in the context of The Sims. Just wish I could remember for whom I was looking for the Willow skin - in case that person actually wants one in real life!

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