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I am very stressed.

Remember I said back in June that I'd been referred for cognitive behavioural therapy? I've got the assessment appointment tomorrow. And I am stupidly stressed about it.

I'm not stressed so much for the reasons I gave before. I'm stressed because I forgot all about the appointment until an hour or so ago. Now, it's currently 3.20am on Monday 7th October, and my appointment is at 10.45am on Monday 7th October - so I remembered in plenty of time, what's the problem? Well, I can't stop thinking about what would have happened if I had forgotten completely - can't stop running futuristic time progressions in my head. The letter I got from the psychology department says, in big, bold letters: Should you choose not to attend an allocated appointment without letting us know, we will close your file. I can't stop obsessing with those words and calm down, accept the fact that I did remember in time and forget about it.

It is worth my pointing out that this inability to let things go is at least 33% of the reason why I need cognitive therapy :/
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