helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

My livejournal entry from 7am.

(written at 07:28am this morning)

Hello! I have no idea what's going on with anyone's lives, because I haven't looked at livejournal since Monday. Even now, despite this being a livejournal entry, I'm not looking at it - I'm sitting in bed with the laptop, completely unable to sleep.

I've been feeling very self-absorbed the past few days - I think it's a reaction to having had 4 or 5 weeks of Obligations and Responsibilities. I am about to embark on something which'll lead to another 11 or 12 weeks of such, but before that I need some time to myself to do my stuff. Be selfish in the sense of doing things only for my benefit (rather than "being deliberately thoughtless of other people") just for a little while.

Of course, the thing that comes out of me being self-absorbed is always complete silence in my journal for a few days, then a flurry of posts. And another half-dozen posts that I write in my head that never make it into the wider world. I decided to switch the laptop back on just now in case the reason I couldn't sleep was that I had too many things to remember. At the moment, the posts I want to make in the next 24 hours are about dieting, Danny of the Wildhearts, my appointment with the psychologist, a poll, and a random triviality. I also want to post at least one suggestion (to suggestions), and maybe something in rhythm_action. But then, I told you in March that I was going to write you a gig review, in April that I was going to post an explanation of my livejournal userpics, and in June that I was going to write a review of Alton Towers... and I still haven't written up my BiCon review, despite it being almost two months ago now! The Wildhearts review from March isn't worth doing now (although telling you about the strange experience I had during the gig is relevant to my psychiatry at the time), the userpic thing will turn up eventually, and I suppose I can save the Alton Towers review for the next time I go, which'll hopefully be in 2 weeks time. But hmm... my past record shows I'm not good at following up on promised posts! Ah well.

I do write livejournal mainly for my benefit - or at least, I like to think that I do. It having an audience is more important to me than I like to admit to. Someone asked me in email the other day if I minded strangers reading my journal, and my attitude was "Mind? Why should I mind? If I was going to say anything private, it would be in a filtered post!". But I suppose casual readers may well not know that filtered posts are available. Hmmm.

One thing I would like to see in livejournal is the option to self-moderate posts - to assign each post a priority level depending on how important it is. Set the default at 3, and have options ranging from 1 (online test results and irc transcripts) through to 5 (earth-shattering realisations about self which have impact on all your friends), and allow you to moderate your posts that way. Of course, it could be abused - but it would be a good way for a lot of livejournal users to be able to read through their friends' journals quickly while making sure they didn't miss on anything important. (You could set up friends filters so that you would normally see only posts of rating 3 or above, for instance. Or set them up so you see everything by one friend whose trivialities are amusing, but only the really important stuff from your other friend who has a tendency to post his shopping lists as public entries without an lj-cut!). This would be so difficult to code, though, that I'd probably never get a dev to do it - it would be easier to download the livejournal source and find an SQL programmer myself. And what's the likelihood of that?

Attempting sleep again now.

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