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A big silly fluffy!

I am grouchy. Having found and re-routed my missing email, I've caught up with my livejournal friends page as far as ?skip=180, but don't feel like going any further just yet. Kinda down, but not depressed in the clinical sense - just a bit lonely and feeling ill. I have a runny nose and itchy eyes - like hay fever or cat allergy, but it's the wrong time of year for hay fever and I haven't been near any cats for a few days. It's just making me very grumpy and irritable. Which is unfortunate, because a friend I hardly ever get to see is staying here overnight, and I want to go and be social with him, but I don't feel like being social.

Richard was hugging me then and reading LJ over my shoulder, and he said "Every time someone's said babywarming in the last few days, I've thought 'oh dear, is the baby cold?'. And imagined everyone going round and hugging the baby and wrapping it in blankets, and the baby wriggling and blinking at all the attention." He is a very silly fluffy thing indeed!

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