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Today's amusing irc log.

* fluffKitten talks to Vron on the phone
[BroAdam] heh
[astalice] hi Vron!
[BroAdam] hi Vron!
[astalice] (though she was here a few minutes ago)
[BroAdam] *nod*
[BroAdam] it's important, though, to say hello to someone in the UK via Australia
[fluffKitten] :-)
[BroAdam] particularly for you, aa, since you're in the UK to start with =)

Today's User Friendly is very amusing if you're an eBay addict like me. And I can't work out whether I approve of these frankfurter octys (courtesy of mactavish) or not.

In other news, I managed to bite the inside of my lip terrifically hard on Thursday night. I put almost an entire incisor through it, which caused much pain and swearing. Since then, my lip has swollen up inside - so of course, I keep biting it again, aggravating the injury. It really bloody hurts! I finally gave in and borrowed a tube of Bonjela from my mum, but I need to be very very careful for the next few days so that it heals.

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