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from jinian, Some of Tove Jansson's illustrations for "The Hobbit". I don't even care particularly for the Moomin books (I found them depressing when I was a kid, and haven't looked at them again since), and I still think these are really cute! I think I'd like to see the full version of the book to see all of these illustrations, though I don't speak any Finnish.

from purplerabbits, My Psychic Adventure, or how a skeptic read up on Tarot reading and palmistry, and made people believe that her "readings" were genuine. Very interesting. I'm entirely ambivalent on most areas of religion and spirituality - there's a possibility that Tarot cards and other "psychic" phenomena may show something if you learn about them and do the readings for yourself, but I would never trust a professional psychic to give me advice on how to brush my teeth, let alone anything more important. It's interesting and slightly worrying to be shown how much simple headology can convince people to believe others.

and from the Wildhearts mailing list, eBay discriminates against independent artists. A fine example of eBay's customer support team utterly failing to read emails that are sent to them. *rolls eyes*. You really have to "love" tech support/customer service people who just issue form replies without bothering to read. Electronic Arts are so bad at this that the #sims channel I go to had as its topic the other day "Post-EA Technical Support center. For when you need tech support for your tech support."

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