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I am Officially Not Happy. Someone who I thought was a friend has taken great personal offence to my moaning about drunken idiots on the Night Bus. He seems to be interpreting what I said as saying I think all heterosexuals are arrogant, thoughtless and trouble-making whereas gay people are always thoughtful and considerate. And I'm just boggling.

Just in case anyone else is having trouble with that post, I'd like to point out that it was not meant to be taken (a) seriously or (b) as an insult to anyone except for drunken idiots on the Night Bus. The only way it could apply to you would be if you routinely went out, got drunk, and behaved in an obnoxious manner on Night Buses. The people I described as Horrendous Heterosexuals were referred to as such simply because I am highly amused by alliteration, and the fact there was a cute gay couple next to them. Any insult I intended towards said drunken people on the bus was based purely on their Horrendousness, and nothing to do with their Heterosexuality. If I wanted to insult heterosexuals, I'd make it obvious. And besides, it would be pretty stupid for me to do so, bearing in mind that my life partner is a heterosexual.

I'm just... getting really sick of incidents like this on livejournal, where people I think of as friends start flaming me or each other over a misunderstanding. If I am offended by something in someone's journal, I try to tell them that, rather than launching into a flame. I can't pretend I'm 100% reliable in sending polite emails saying "Did you really mean this the way I've interpreted it?" rather than ranting at people, but I do try. And yet there always seem to be explosions going off in someone or other's journal.

You could say I should grow a thicker skin. But, a long time ago, I made a resolution that I would only care about comments made by people I care about. I can't ignore things that are said about me by people who matter to me. So I don't know what to do. Post everything I write to a filtered friends list, regardless of whether or not it's personal? Disable comments on everything? Give up on LJ altogether?

I don't know. I'm just sick of misunderstandings.

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