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tidying up loose ends.

My "run-in" with Orange has been successfully resolved. Actually, it was 2 Mondays ago that they called me, but I didn't get round to posting in LJ. After staying up all night to write a load of stuff on Tuesday 22nd Oct, my arms hurt so much that couldn't face typing anything else. I remember being on irc because I had a friend in need, and I was typing one letter at a time with the one finger that I could still move! Note to self: it is a very bad idea to stay up all night typing without a break! Anyway: Orange admitted their Customer Service people were talking complete bollocks and gave me some compensation & stuff, so anyone who switched to them on my recommendation can happily go on using them :)

Today's new quote from EA Tech Support: User: My CD is broken. EA Tech Support: Do you have the correct version of Direct-X? I think it's a joke, but you can never be quite sure!

I have some exciting exercise equipment coming from eBay soon. Oooh.

Haven't done any work today. Stressed. I hate that it's getting dark so early. When I walk to work (my job), it's already dark! At 4.30 in the afternoon! I expect I'm SADing something chronic, but sitting under the daylight bulbs above my computer is supposed to help with that. Ah well.

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