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I should add to my last entry the fact that I'm not actually having any major wobbles about my postgrad degree. The stuff in my thesis - environmental & atmospheric chemistry - I know and understand. I'm sure a lot of it is down to specialisation - even in a three year degree, you don't cover everything that's in your 10 or 12 prescribed textbooks. Possibly some of the stuff I was wibbling about not knowing isn't even stuff I ever did know. It was just... disconcerting.

Very amused by one of the books' introductions. It said "It has been 20 years since the last edition of [this book] came out. In that time, the senior author has become 20 years older."

Tomorrow I am going to worship at the altar of Chris McCormack. Do not expect coherence from me for 24 hours or so following that...

Current music: (in my head) "Killing me Softly" by The Fugees with the lyrics replaced by "Killing me softly with Oddfrids". I expect this to make sense to all of 2 people.

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