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I don't often have dinner at 3.30am. Usually, if I'm still awake at this time, I make instant noodles or eat bread and crackers. But today, I had some minced fake beef in gravy left over in the fridge from the other day, and it wasn't too much hassle to put the oven on and cook chips, and put a pan of water on for peas. Mmmm.

I had to have chips because we're out of Alphabites (my current favourite). Our potato product drawer in the freezer is full of ice cream! Whose idea was it to have 10 different types of ice cream? You think I'm exaggerating, but there's Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake, Ben & Jerry's Caramel Choo Choo, lemon and mango sorbets, dairy-free vanilla (quite nice), chocolate (yummy) and raspberry (ick), as well as an assortment of choc ices - Magnums or something. Hrm. I think whoever visits us this weekend will have to make a Valiant Attempt to clear our ice cream surplus. And I need to find someone who likes raspberry Swedish Glace.

Richard is such a geek! When he put Alphabites on the shopping list, he spelt the bite part with a y! And didn't even notice!

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