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sore throat and guilt

My throat feels disgusting. Yesterday, I just had a sore throat. Today, it's not sore, but I feel as though there's something stuck in it. Eurgh. I'd say tonsillitis, except I've had that, and it hurts a damn sight more than this - this is just uncomfortable.

Cancelled my shift at work today (giving them the required 4 hours notice) because I didn't think I could talk for 4 hours, went back to sleep, and finally got up and went to the British Library. Although the library itself is in St Pancras, their main book store is in Yorkshire, at Boston Spa, and sod's law dictates that all the books I need to use seem to be there. For some reason, it takes 4 days for the books to arrive if you order them by email or phone, but only a day and a half (or less) if you go to the BL itself and order through the computer there. So I didn't have any choice but to haul my arse into town. Bleh.

And I've just been reminded that it was World Aids Day on Sunday, and I forgot. And I haven't spoken to my HIV+ friend in months. I owe him a long phone call or a letter, but now is not a good time. But if his health is crap and I don't know because I haven't been in touch, I might not have time later.

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