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I am highly amused. I was having a very boring day, waiting for the doctor to call me when the phone rang. It was a market research guy asking questions about the new big Sainsbury's here. Now, anyone who has visited me will have heard me enthuse about this store and its wonderful allergy section, so I was quite happy to spend 5 minutes doing that. It was just very amusing to hear a silly market research survey from the other end.

I wish my doctor would call. I am tempted to walk round to the surgery and stick a note on his car, only that could come across as deranged and stalker-ish. I am not deranged, just anxious about whether he's been able to write my letter yet.

Blah, but I just received a stroppy email. Nothing to do with me personally, just someone bitching about crap. Well ya boo sucks to you!

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