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microwaved death, part #52

Eurgh. I have flu. It started on Friday night with a pain in my neck and my leg randomly giving way when I tried to walk. Had very strange dreams and woke up on Saturday freezing cold and unable to get warm, with my throat feeling like it did when I had tonsillitis. Friends came round anyway and we went out for dinner, which was a huge mistake. Collapsed in a heap and slept all day, making sure to take lots of vitamin C and cough mixture every time I woke up. I was supposed to be working today, but that was entirely out of the question - I didn't even have enough voice to ring in sick. I had to send my mum a text msg with work's phone number and get her to call!

Now I feel a bit better, but I think going out of the house would be a Very Bad Idea for at least the next 24 hours. Will have to do Christmas shopping later in the week and send all my presents first class :/ I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning which I've had booked for ages, so if I still feel like this then, I'll get him to look at my tonsils and make sure it is only flu. Blergh.

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