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I am such a geek! Well, that'll make the news at ten, won't it? :) On irc just now, I got into a conversation about the differences between the layout of UK and US keyboards. And in trying to explain an object I wanted made for The Sims, I ended up starting the game so I could take screenshots to show the problem. Starting the game takes a good 6 or 7 minutes, then grabbing a screenshot, cropping it, resaving and posting... yeah, yeah, I know.

I started an LJ entry a few hours ago which said Having a very blah few hours. Not depressed in any serious way, just irritable and bored and unable to concentrate. It's probably PMS. Can't believe it could be PMS - again? so soon! - but Richard, who is the Great Oracle of my menstrual cycle, says it's about 3 weeks since my last joyous bleed, so that'd be right. Now I have to remember to take all my vitamin pills and petered out. I seem to be feeling less blah now, but a Note to Self to take extra vitamins would still be useful. I'm craving refined sugar and fat like no tomorrow, so that's a confirmation of PMS. Wa-hey, the joys of the mood rollercoaster, again! It's decidedly less bumpy if I take the vitamins, though, so now I just have to remember...

I need to go out in the morning and buy some more cough mixture. My life is so exciting!

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