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if hate is black and love is white, then doubt's a shade of grey...

My memory's terrible at the moment. If it wasn't for writing this journal, I don't think I'd be able to remember what I've been doing from one day to the next. As it is, I've had to ask Richard about a couple of things in order to write this entry.

I'm assuming that Bad Things must have happened. I didn't get round to calling Ralf on Friday about the paper because I didn't even wake up until 7pm when the phone rang. Damn. I knew I should've emailed him when I was online the night before (to explain that I'd tried to call on Thursday, but hadn't got through - and by the way was 020 7594 xxxx still the right number?), but I didn't want to send him an email with a 2.30am date stamp. Sometimes my stupidity is so great that it even amazes me.

I flopped back into bed for an hour, and then Peter rang my mobile. I was momentarily concerned (why is my best friend's boyfriend phoning me from a foreign country?) but it turned out that they both wanted to know the election results and Tim's hayfever was too bad for him to want to talk. Talking to Peter cheered me up a bit, and I had the bright idea of going to see whether Ralf was in the phone book. I thought I could at least call him at home to apologise and explain. But it seems he's ex-directory. Damn.

Richard actually got home relatively early that night, but I didn't feel like going out or being social. We thought about eating out, but it all felt far too much like effort, so we just got takeaway pizza. I spent the night playing Aqua Aqua, stayed up extremely late, fell asleep about the time I should've been getting up and didn't actually wake up until gone midnight. So I didn't really have a Saturday.

We thought about going to Thorpe Park on Sunday, but decided to forego that in favour of more sleep. Later, we saw Marcus and Cath, who were shopping in Kingston. We had an extremely lazy evening, played lots of Crash Bash, and got an early night.

I still didn't wake up until 5.40pm today though, when my mum came in to drop off laundry. And I had an awful thumpy headache, which meant I almost missed seeing Silver Ginger 5. Luckily the painkillers I took started working in time, which was just as well, as SG5 kicked some serious bottom and I would have been annoyed to miss them. I look forward to the Wildhearts in 9 days time...

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