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I want some nooooooodles, but the dishwasher needs unpacking.

I still have flu. I will avoid talking about it at length because (a) it's not very interesting for you to read and (b) describing in vivid detail how I turned into the Snotmonster would be unfair to all the people I know who eat while reading LJ. Hrm. In short, I felt better on Tuesday, but was back to feeling like death warmed up yesterday, and today I went Christmas shopping but had to keep sitting down because I ached so much. Tomorrow I think I have no choice but to go to work, though if my voice is still like this I won't be able to.

I thought of loads of things I wanted to post while I was in bed ill, but I've forgotten them all now. Typical. So here are two links courtesy of jinian: The Christmas Godzilla and Girl hugging an Octopus. The latter may not be work-safe :)

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