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new boooooooooooooooooooooooooooks!

I can tell I'm premenstrual now. Apart from the funny moods and the tummy pain, every time I lift my arms up I burst out of my bra. Believe me, this is less fun than it sounds.

Why are so many people I know being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Is it actually quite a common ailment? Or do I just know a lot of unlucky people? Is there a link between being a geek and having a dodgy digestive system? Hmmm.

Some of Richard's family have bought me Christmas presents from my amazon wishlist and they're sitting here looking at me going "I'm a new boooooook". One of them's shaped like a DVD too, which means I have double the excitement - is it a movie, or a game? The temptation to open them is strong, but if I do that I won't have any surprises on Christmas day. I could go and look at my current wishlist to see what items are missing is even stronger, but I probably have a good enough memory that I'll be able to work it out. I hate waiting!

On a similar note, I wish whoever the publishers are would hurry up and reissue Cetaganda - it's the only Miles Vorkosigan book I haven't read (apart from the new one), and waiting for it's driving me nuts. I don't really want to ask people to spend £12 on it, and I don't like hardbacks all that much. I don't know why amazon or Borders can't get it from the US, either. Usually they can.

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