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Spyware is EVIL! I didn't think I needed to install Ad-aware, because I have Opera set to paranoid most of the time, but today I was surfing Sims sites with popups enabled, and something tried to install Gator on my machine. Meep! So I installed Ad-aware and found I had no less than 114 pieces of spyware running! That is pretty damn evil, by all accounts. Most of them probably appeared when I was running Kazaa or Morpheus (yes, those lovely people at morpheus sold on my email address - I always register stuff using the address theirdomain@mydomain, so I know if naughty things happen), but I don't know where the rest came from. Ugh.

Apparently in Australia there is a kids' TV show that is highly drug inspired. "There are four animals living on "Magic Mountain". One is a tortoise, one is a lion, one is a panda, and the other one is a magic dragon. The lion lives in a dark cave, growing mushrooms (it actually said this), and he is ALWAYS hyper, running around, he can't sit still. The tortoise grows poppies and gives them to the panda. The panda never gets up, she sleeps all day (side effect of opium, which comes from poppies. Then the dragon flies in, asks if they want to go on an adventure and when the other animals say they do he breathes "smoke" on them and they all "fly" to weird and colourful places. Now, I dunno about you, but that seems a bit dodgy to me." And I thought Teletubbies was bad!

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