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fscking family

My mum had her operation today around lunch time. My dad left me a note to say that she was back in the ward at 1pm, and then disappeared. He didn't ring me, and I couldn't get hold of him as his phone was turned off because you're not supposed to have mobiles switched on in hospitals. So I was getting really worried. At 7pm when his phone was switched off, I was mildly stressed. At 9pm I was quite concerned, because hospital visiting hours end about 8.30. By the time I got home at 10 I was pretty damn frantic. I couldn't ring the hospital for information because I didn't know which ward she was in and I didn't know if the form she'd filled in would give them permission to tell me. I just had to assume there was no bad news because I would have been told that (surely?).

Well, my dad got in at 11pm, without my mum. Apparently my mum's been kept in hospital another night, which I was expecting. Except he'd left the hospital 2 hours previously and come home via the supermarket, without switching on his mobile phone either. It had not occurred to him that I might be worried by the general lack of information.

GAH!! I swear, if I wasn't related to my family, I wouldn't bother with them.

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