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happy holidays? as if!

Eurgh. When I woke up today, my nose, throat and lungs were so full of thick green snot that it took me an hour to clear it all out. I've had flu for over a week now, and lost £110 through not working. Yesterday I had to go to work, and I only just made it through the shift. I feel horrible and miserable and about as festive as the Blink-182 song "Happy Holidays, You Bastard". The one with lyrics:
It's Christmas Eve and I've only wrapped two fuckin' presents
It's Christmas Eve and I've only wrapped two fuckin' presents
And I hate, hate, hate your guts
I hate, hate, hate your guts
And I'll never talk to you again

(Except I have wrapped all my Christmas presents.)

Blah. Last night I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I wanted to do a last-minute wander round the shops today, but I was too ill. Now I feel miserable and lonely and all our friends have gone home to their families and blah. Feel like going out for dinner, but everywhere shuts early because it's Christmas, and the public transport all stops around 10. I'm sure there must be tons of bus drivers who don't celebrate Christmas, but getting them all co-ordinated would be asking a bit much.

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