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Christmas, & stuff.

My Christmas was decidedly less stressful than I'd thought it would be. Richard & I got up deliciously late on Christmas day, and we made dinner for my parents. We put the spare big duvet and a load of pillows on the sofa, and my mum came over and lay on it. They managed not to row with each other or me, and they both really enjoyed what we made (a Quorn version of beef carbonnade) - my mum even asked for a second helping (something I don't remember her ever doing before!). After they went we watched The Wedding Singer on TV, which was definitely worth watching - lots of 80s music but without the cringeworthiness of the "I love 198x" series which is on BBC2 this week, and the happy ending was resolved in a silly way instead of the nauseating cutesyness of most romantic comedies.

Yesterday, Tim and Peter came round and we played various games while Richard cooked. My mum had been asleep all day, but she woke up in the evening feeling bored, so she lay on the sofa again watching us play Cranium, which remains my Favourite Board Game Ever. Then I spent the rest of the night putting together my new Sims website - so far I've done the graphics and layout, and some of the content. Going to do the rest over the next few days, and then it'll be available for downloads. You can preview it here.

Today, I slept most of the day because of this stupid flu, then Alexa rang and we talked for a while. I'm going to have a bath, and then play on the Playstation some more.

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