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100 things about me.

I tried to do the livejournal meme whereby you write something about everyone on your friends list, then take away the names and muddle them up, so people have to guess which line's about them. But for some reason, even though I tried to write only positive-to-neutral things, when I read them back they mostly sounded neutral-to-negative. So I thought I'd better not post them.

There's another meme going round whereby you write down 100 random facts about yourself. I wasn't going to do it because I couldn't think of 100 random facts about me, but then I realised I could cheat by taking all the "me too"s from other people's lists *big evil grin*. I've rearranged them into a semi-logical order, and added some of my own...

100 random facts about me...Collapse )

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