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random vignettes from a game-player's life

Just on for a few minutes to try to get rid of my motion sickness. Tim & Peter are round, and we've been playing Frequency, and while it's a lot of fun the visuals are making me dizzy. Even playing with no background the game's still really brightly coloured. Giddy...

We discovered a very amusing mini-game in that you can completely customise your avatar using a choice of different heads, bodies and accessories: you can choose the colour of each part from a complete spectrum and move the objects around within the window. You can have up to 16 parts in each avatar, and it's really quite fun just to sit there and design them. Plus, there is a mutate option, which takes the avatar you've created and tweaks it by changing colours or elements... after 3 or 4 iterations it bears only a slight resemblance to what you started with! Great fun.

I finally have a new hard drive for the laptop, so instead of having 130MB free I now have 13GB. This looks healthier. I need to go on a Sims downloading spree, and also install the three computer games we got over Christmas now that we have enough space to do so.

MEEP! I just got a popup ad that said "Surf Game Revolution and thousands of other porn sites with no popups"! Presumably this is porn in the wider sense of the word...?

  • Maybe you have to be quite sweary to find this funny.

    Got a letter today from Kingston Hospital about an appointment they've made for me. Apparently it's a "Pain Management F/Up". Erm... :)

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