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h-l in updated website shocker!

I have been spending a few hours syncing my bookmarks between my Windows and linux versions of Opera. As a result, I decided to export the finished version as HTML, and call it my links page. Not all the links there work, I'm sure, and not all of them will be of any interest to people other than me - but if you're bored, it'll pass a good few hours...

  • Maybe you have to be quite sweary to find this funny.

    Got a letter today from Kingston Hospital about an appointment they've made for me. Apparently it's a "Pain Management F/Up". Erm... :)

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    Oh man, I have a doozy of a First World Problem today. See, Pokemon X and Y are due to be released worldwide on 12th October, i.e. tomorrow. In an…

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    In other news, while I was away, I worked out exactly what needs to be done to my NaNoWriMo novel to make it work. I'm not sure it's something I can…

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