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lyrics quiz

1. If the Crocodile hunter smoked weed / Steve Irwin burning herb in his Jeep / Kicks the kangaroos for laughing at his hair cut / Used to fall for that too but

2. Checkmate honey / Beat you at your own damn game / No dice honey / I'm living on an astral plane

3. And now the future's looking brighter / For bad song writers / Yeah we're laughing just as hard as we can

4. And in the time it takes to feel / I could swear that you get closer every day /And my only hope is when it all comes real / I don't fuck it up and throw it all away

5. So you're suffering, I know it hurts a lot if it's the first time / Whenever I begin, I try to keep my empathy inside

6. Welcome to the ocean / Welcome to the sea / Welcome to the jungle / Deep inside of me

7. Is this success? / Tuesday night and penniless / Sign on, chill out / Skin up... it's your shout

8. You were the brightest of them all when you designed the shopping mall / It keeps us clothed and entertained from Baltimore to Golders Green

9. I'm tired of emotions / They bore me with distortions / They cut me / Screaming "Fuck me!"

10. I'm down here waiting on a shattered heart / I'm gonna put it back together if it tears me apart

If you haven't seen this in anyone else's journal, the rules are that you have to give the title and artist for the songs that these lines are lyrics from. Looking in CD inlays is allowed, Googling is not! If you can't remember both title and artist, just give which one you do know.

I had great trouble snipping the songs down to these 3 or 4 line segments - the musician part of my brain was going "You can't end on an imperfect cadence!". I think I was supposed to give just 1 or 2 line segments, but that would be impossible. At least I've chosen only from bands that other people have heard of!

Oh, and btw inquis and bethdeth - please don't answer until Thursday to give other people a chance :)

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