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My liveJournal analysis...

Your Livejournal's Age
According to the information you provided, your Livejournal was created on 2001-05-10, meaning that your journal has been around for 611 days. What does this mean?

With over a year of LJ experience under your belt, you can safely call yourself an experienced user. If you are still actively using your journal by now, then chances are you are here to stay. You probably don't add friends nearly as often as you used to, and more than likely have removed a bunch of people that used to be there. Staying in an online community for a year is something of an achievement, you know.

My comment: Yes, I'm definitely here to stay. I'm much closer to having been here 2 years than one, as well. Interesting that the quiz didn't ask whether you have a paid account...

Your Livejournal Friends
Now let's talk about your friends list. You indicated that you have 103 LJ friends.

You are going a little overboard, don't you think? Okay, sure, your journal has been around a while, but still. You can't possibly be reading all of those journals, and you can't possibly say that they are all friends of yours. Let's be honest, you could probably do with going in and removing some of those names from your list, make it a little more reasonble, eh?

My comment: I'd love to remove some people... if they didn't get offended. To be honest, I use my friends list as a filter of people that are okay to see my private posts, not as a list of journals I read. It constantly annoys me that these two functions are conflated, so I use Default View.

It also bugs me that communities I watch are included in my list of "Friends", but that's another rant in itself. Note that for all these figures I have subtracted communities from the list, because I don't think they should be there. Note also that my 103 LJ friends includes only 101 actual people.

You also have been listed as a friend by 110 users.
This is where things start to get silly. You are way too popular for your own good. Riiight. Too many people list you as a friend, and probably you have far too many people listed yourself. You don't know half of these people, and half of them don't know you, and you skim by each others' posts. Though it's possible you are some kind of Livejournal God ..

Heh. That would be the first time in my life someone suggested I was too popular for my own good. I'll stop laughing sometime next week.

More seriously, it's just that I've been very actively online for 8 years. Virtually every single human being I know is online. The vast majority of them have been sucked into livejournal by some nefarious means, and now it's easy for me to keep in contact, or at least find out what they're up to.

Finally in this category, you have a friends to friends-of ratio of 0.93636363636364.

This is an average ratio, meaning you have nearly (or maybe exactly) the same number of friends as people who have listed you as a friend. There's a good chance you add back everyone who has added you, and only add people who haven't added you if they are a good friend and chances are they'll be adding you back anyway.

There are quite a few people on my friends list who aren't on my friends-of, though. I might do some editing to my list soon: take off the people I suspect don't actually read my journal, so don't need the access to my private posts that being on my friends list conveys. Hrm.

Your Posting Habits
You have indicated that to date, you have made 530 entries into your Livejournal. This gives us an average post rate of 0.86743044189853 posts per day.

With this kind of post rate, you are updating at least once every other day, sometimes once a day. This seems to indicate that you like to keep your friends (or simply your journal) updated on the day to day progress of your life, no matter how boring or exciting. There are days when you simply have nothing to say, and on those days you simply say nothing, although you make a good effort to update when you can.

Hrm... that's not really true. I try to avoid posting about my life if I'm going to just be repeating something I've said before. Actually, I try to avoid saying the same things over and over again, because who'd want to read that? I post when I have something to say that's either important to me or interesting to other people, or preferably both: I would post more private (filtered to me only) posts, but there's always an outside chance that someone would be interested in my ramblings.

Your Commenting Habits
According to your information, you have posted 1357 comments and have recieved 1472 of them over the lifetime of your journal. Let's see what this information can mean.

First of all, this indicates that you have been getting an average of 2.777358490566 comments for every Livejournal entry that you make. With an average of at least 2 comments per post or greater, you enjoy a healthy dialogue with your friends and get a lot of response to what you have to say. You might also be posting those silly web quizzes, or making entries that are so interesting or so unusual that people can't help but to comment. Either that, or you just have a buttload of friends.

I don't think that an average of 2.7 comments per post counts as a lot of response! I think it's pretty poor, all things considered. I'd like to see more actual discussion in my journal. I hate it when I spend 2 hours writing something and get 0 comments. I wonder why I bothered.

A more fair measure of how many comments you get might be your average number of comments per post per friend, which is 0.026964645539476. This may seem low to you, especially if you have lots of friends.

Some of you say sod all. Hmm!

The final statistic is the ratio of your comments to comments you get. Your ratio is 0.921875. The higher the ratio, the more talkative you are compared to your friends, comment-wise.

I'm surprised it's this close, to be honest.

That's it for now! Perhaps there was something insightful in this Analysis, and perhaps you learned absolutely nothing. Feel free to post your results on your own Livejournal, and invite your friends to take the Livejournal Analysis today!

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