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I am feeling ill. Although it is hard to describe IBS symptoms in a genteel manner, I'll simply say that yesterday evening I had the "opposite" problem to the one I usually have. Then, later on I had what felt like motion sickness - dizziness and nausea, for no apparent reason, plus a hard, swollen stomach and much pain. I didn't get to bed until well after the sun was up because I hurt too much to sleep, and then I slept all day and didn't get anything done. Woke up this evening still with nausea and sneezing a bit, too. Since I've been sitting in front of the computer, the dizziness is coming back as well. Oh lucky me!

I don't know whether this is a combination of IBS and allergies (last night my eyes were so watery that Richard thought I was in a bad mood because I kept scowling and looking like I was about to burst into tears) or if I'm going down with some sort of cold with gastric symptoms. I could really do without another cold - I only got over the flu a week or so ago. Oh, for a better immune system! (And no, I can't take the vast majority of immune boosters because the reason my immune system is crap is that it's too busy fighting itself to be able to destroy any actual infections. Taking echinacea or whatever just makes me far more ill as it strengthens my immune system to fight itself a bit more).

However, in a rare piece of good news, I have found the photocopy card that I lost before Christmas. It's one of those refillable cards, and it has over £7 of credit on it. I thought I'd left it in the library or on the Tube or something, and was annoyed with myself for losing that money. Well, tonight I was sitting on my bed staring into space and I saw it on the bookshelf where we keep all our crap, but just on a different shelf to where I'd normally put it! So that's kinda cool.

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