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IBS is still evil. I really must ask my doctor for some drugzzz. It's just that I feel like a hypochrondriac - at the moment I have no less than 7 different drugs prescribed to me each month, and can't really do without any of them. The money's not a problem - I have a prescription prepayment card which covers unlimited items within a 4 month period (and I get 5 months worth of prescriptions in that 4 months by timing the cards carefully) - I'm just worried about when I eventually have to change my doctor and someone else sees my medical notes with this huge variety of medical conditions. Is that a stupid thing to worry about? I dunno.

hatter bought me a book for Christmas that I already had - he and bfo came round on a day that I was spending clinically dead for tax reasons, so had a chance to check my bookshelf before giving me the present, and cheerfully declared "I'll look for the receipt so you can take it back". Well, I didn't bother waiting - I went into Borders to see if they'd change it anyway, and lo and behold they had the US edition of Cetaganda, which I knew couldn't actually be out of print. So I got that as my Christmas present instead. Hooray! I love Borders - for the type of stuff I like they're the best bookshop in the country. An absolutely huge sf & fantasy section and a pretty big gay & lesbian section in most of their branches, and they get all the US gaming and queer magazines - they even stock Anything That Moves (at least, when ATM actually gets round to publishing an issue, which is sometimes only once a year). I always spend far more money there than I intend, unless I'm looking for academic books, in which case Borders is the last place I go.

The new Harry Potter book is coming out on my birthday! I definitely want it, but people who are close enough friends and/or people with enough spare money to buy me presents will have to co-ordinate themselves so I do only get one copy rather than six :) I do hope no one will skive out of my birthday party because they need to get home to read HP5... that would annoy me immensely.

I was pretty sure before that I didn't want to get married ever, but after reading these stories: 1, 2, 3 and 4 I'm certain!

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