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Disturbing stuff.

We were just watching this highly bizarre documentary about "The great smallpox pandemic of 2002", which of course didn't happen. It was a "what if...?" programme, and I'm not quite sure what the purpose of it was other than to panic the sort of person who's likely to get panicked. I fully expect to find my dad stockpiling canned and dried food again like he did at the end of 1999 for the Millennium Bug. (You think I'm exaggerating).

In other news, my mother has learned to use Internet Explorer! It's only taken about 6 months, but today she browsed the web for about an hour, only calling me over 3 times to ask what something meant. I am... amazed.

She has, however, received a copy of the Nigerian scam with a new and slightly disturbing twist. It purports to be from a guy who's a refugee from Zimbabwe, living in the UK, who needs to claim US $15 million from his bank account... you know the deal. Except that this version includes a UK mobile phone number. I'm worried that this addition might cause people to believe it, so have actually forwarded it to the police rather than just deleting it. Hrm.

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