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HP doujinshi.

Doujinshi is Japanese fan fiction. It's usually in comic form, and sold as magazines. Doujinshi exists for just about every Japanese cartoon or video game imaginable - I don't know how the copyright law applies for it, because it's hardly ever licensed by the copyright holder (in fact, it could be that licensed fic is called something other than "doujinshi"). I don't actually know very much about the cultural aspects at all, because it's almost always Japanese-language only, and my knowledge of Japanese is limited to the names of food and the odd game reference ("Appendo disco!").

Anyway, today on eBay I saw some Harry Potter doujinshi. I think this is the first doujinshi I've ever seen for something of Western origin, so it's curious for that. If you want to see the HP characters done in anime-style, look here, here and here. I particularly like the last one.

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