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I now have a livejournal permanent account. They always seem to go on sale at this time of year, so I was trying to get my credit card paid off to a sufficient extent to be able to put $100 US on it. However, work has no work for us, and is cancelling shifts left, right & centre. So I had a minor panic when elynne said they were on sale again. Luckily, I managed to convince Richard to pay for it, and I'll try to pay him back somehow. Hooray!

I have 7 months of paid membership left which I can transfer to someone else, but Richard doesn't want it, and my friends on low incomes all seem to have paid accounts already. So now I have the dilemma of whether to give the paid membership to my best friend (meeping) or my girlfriend (otterylexa). Trying to decide which of them to go for is really damn hard - Alexa doesn't post in LJ much but would benefit from the fast servers to read other people's stuff, whereas Tim probably doesn't read it as often but would be far more likely to use the 10 userpics and ability to post polls. Argh - I can't decide - I guess I'll just toss a coin.

Feeling much better in general than I was yesterday. I was so depressed that I was thinking about killing myself, and decided I didn't want to get a permanent account because it would be a waste of money if I died. Um, yeah. Note to self: running out of drugzz is bad. I had to go to the pharmacy with my repeat prescription form and beg them to give me some to keep me going until I had a proper prescription again, and they were a bit dubious at me because I'd only just had 6 tablets issued the previous week. (Well, they are prescribed in 28 at a time, and when I went to get my December prescription, they didn't have enough tablets to give me the full amount, so gave me 22 with a receipt to get the remaining 6. Rather than going back the next day I left it until I actually needed the tablets to get them...) Also had absymal period and IBS pain together, was practically eating ibuprofen and raspberry leaf, and went to bed with the laptop clasped to my belly because I couldn't find a hot water bottle. Blah.

The Wildhearts have a new single out. I'd better go and buy it. 3 copies: one of each format :)

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