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This would be disturbing if meant literally...

[astalice] My head is really hurting
[astalice] but at least i finished putting all my crap on eBay
[FJ] um, does ebay allows the selling of body excreta?


If, however, you want a mini DDR controller (plural), an Xploder cheat disc, a Dreamcast controller extension lead or the fine Japanese rhythm action game Guitar Freaks + guitar controller, I'm your person.

Answers to my lyrics quiz of a few weeks ago:

1. The Bloodhound Gang, "Jackass", from the soundtrack to "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back".

2. Aerosmith, "Draw the Line", from the album "Draw the Line", 1977 (so yes, mjl, "something old").

3. Grand Theft Audio, "Dead Man Walking", from the album "Blame Everyone" and also on the soundtrack to "Gran Turismo 3".

4. The Wildhearts, "Beautiful Thing You", one of the B-sides to "Suckerpunch" (guessed by inquis, what a surprise ;) ).

5. "Put the Freaks Out Front", dEUS, first track on "The Ideal Crash".

6. Hanoi Rocks, "Underwater World", a song which inspired title of the Guns N'Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" (guessed by inquis).

7. 3 Colours Red, "This is My Hollywood", from the album "Pure" (guessed by whatever_mortal, who I don't even know!).

8. Compulsion, "Mall Monarchy", from "Comforter" (guessed approximately by mjl).

9. Front 242, "Crushed", from the album "05:22:09:12 Off".

10. Soul Asylum, "Keep It Up", from "Grave Dancers Union".

So, overall, only half the songs even got guessed at, which surprised me a lot. I really expected people other than me to own Front 242 or Soul Asylum albums, and I know tons of people own GT3 or have seen "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back". Also, song 4 was one I used to quote at net.crushes I hadn't met in person, and songs 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 have all featured on tapes and CDs I've made for people. I guess no one actually reads my journal :P

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