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Amazing! My last post finally posted itself, only half an hour after it was written! </sarcasm>

I have done sod all on my thesis recently. I'm annoyed because I lost 3 weeks by being ill all over Christmas. However, I managed to get an extension to my thesis deadline, and it's now due in by 30th June 2003. This will be do-able if I don't get a cold every other week.

I have still not been sacked. But I haven't been in for ages, so this situation may change. I'm booked to be working on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights and Saturday afternoon, which coming all in one go is a bit much, but I am not sure whether they might cancel those shifts too.

My mum is still ill following her operation, which is a bit worrisome. She should definitely be able to walk without someone to lean on by now, for instance. She went for a followup thing at the hospital on Friday, and they reckon she might need a hysterectomy after all. What fun for her! She could've had that done when it was suggested 15 years ago and saved herself lots of pain. Mind you, if she's in this much of a state a month after a minor operation that's supposed to have a week's recovery time, I'm not sure how she'd cope with a major operation that has a minimum 6 week recovery time...

It transpired that Gnuplot is far too similar to IDL for my comfort, and I ended up buying Kaleidagraph after all. I couldn't claim the academic rate due to not having a .ac.uk email address any more, but even the corporate rate was only in the region of £98 when bought directly from the manufacturer. Kaleidagraph rocks - if you need graphing or statistical software for Windows or Mac, have a look at it.

meeping and otterylexa both say they don't want their lj accounts converted to paid, so I think I'll offer my 7 months of paid time to my loyal readers instead. If none of you want it, I'll offer it to my favourite community. Let me know...

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