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Feeling a bit sick at the moment. We had to get up at 8am this morning (ie. 7am UK time) so as to catch the train with Richard's dad. I was so tired (having only had about 6 hours sleep) that I was seeing double. We had a couple of hours to kill before catching the Eurostar, so by the time we actually got on it I'd woken up enough to not be able to fall asleep. On top of that, my leg was hurting. So by the time we got into London Waterloo I was so tired and dizzy that I felt as though I was going to collapse any minute.

I've taken some migraine tablets and lain down for 45 minutes with a cold flannel on my head, so I can actually see straight now, but my stomach's still feeling a bit dodgy and I'd really like to go to bed and sleep for the rest of the day. However, we've already made plans to go up to Cambridge tonight, and we need to leave to catch the train soon. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit more human by the time we get up there.

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