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More snow.

Had a really tedious time at work today. We were looking for people aged 16-24 who wear glasses and do not wear contact lenses and would consider wearing them! Huh. I found one all evening.

I suppose I was due a tedious time at work after the excitement I had getting to work. Today's discovery: the snowstorm that looks very pretty from your bedroom window is highly dangerous to walk in. Well, I'm sure those of you who live in places where it snows frequently know this, but in London we get something like 2 inches of snow every 5 years - blizzards are not a common occurrence! I'm thinking this snow has fallen as a special treat for me 'cause I didn't get round to making a snowman with the last lot, but I'm working for the next two days, so won't get a chance to. If it's still here on Sunday, I'll go out and make one while Tim & Peter & Richard laugh at me through the window.

I have made some new userpics, bringing my total up to 14 (of 15 allowed), with a space for the octopus pic I still don't have. I finally have an angry picture! Contemplating doing artistic things with some of my old pics which have been around for ages, but I don't know what yet.

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