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*bounce bounce bounce bounce*

I am currently an interesting mix of tired, pissed-off and excited. The excited part is winning, so I'm bouncing up and down listening to music and occasionally dancing round the room, despite having no energy. Got about 100 things to do, but I can't be bothered to do any of them. Ah well.

My favourite band in the entire world ever was on Top of The Pops tonight!! Extreme copyright violations can be found here, for a few days anyway.

I realised last night that I swear too much. I remember being told when I was a kid that it's okay to swear when you, say, hit yourself with a hammer by accident, because you need some way to get the anger out - but not okay to swear as an adjective, because it's just a sign of a limited vocabulary. Now, I know my vocabulary certainly isn't limited, but I definitely swear in ordinary conversation, rather than when actually frustrated. So I tried to write my last entry with no swearing at all, and it was really bloody hard! The problem is I already overuse the words "really" and "actually" and put things into italics - I'm not sure how many other ways there are to add emphasis! Hrm.

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