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I am not happy.

It shouldn't take more than 5 hours to rip 10 minutes of audio to MP3. The reason it has taken so long is a combination of me losing the instructions for Richard's minidisc player (I put them somewhere safe! So safe I can't find it again!) and the fact that all our computer equipment has been cobbled together from spares. We really could do with another monitor that actually focuses, and a functioning sound card in the main server, so that I could do everything on one machine instead of having to copy files back and forth across the network.

More worryingly, the battery in the laptop has now completely died. If I put the laptop to sleep rather than shutting it down, it's touch and go whether it will start up again. And if I wander off with it switched on, I run the risk of it randomly dying while I'm away. As we now have a 20 gig hard drive, it takes forever for Scandisk to do its stuff after the machine dies. Having the machine I'm writing my thesis on randomly crash is Not Good.

I've just made enough money from eBay sales to pay off my current lot of bills. I don't need any more, thankyouverymuch. Especially not one that's urgent.

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