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livejournal is a very useful tool...

I am mixing together a CD for a friend's birthday. I've taken music from a variety of sources, and need to adjust the volume levels so that the CD plays at a fairly constant level. The cheapest way to do sound processing is using the linux tool sox, which runs from the command line. It is one of the most un user-friendly pieces of software I've ever had to use, as all the programming effort went into making it work rather than making it look nice.

I've been having trouble with sox tonight, in addition to all the troubles I've had already. But I remembered that I had problems with it once before, and wrote in livejournal about it. Aha! I thought, that's my answer. And indeed it was. Same problem as before, a bug in version 12.17.1, solvable by downloading version 12.17.3. Ah, 10 minutes of lj searching has saved me so much frustration :)

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