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mmm, delicious soymilk

Guess which product I was asking questions about today? Yes indeed, the highlight of my day was a co-worker having a seizure by the coffee machine. I'm assuming she's actually epileptic, because she got carted out of the office on a stretcher by 4(!) paramedics, then walked back in about 15 minutes later. I've been told by people who should know that if you're on anticonvulsants already, it's a PITA to be dragged off to hospital and poked and prodded when there's nothing really wrong, just you didn't get enough sleep or forgot a pill. It was still odd, though.

In completely random news, we too have received a Christmas card this week. Ours was from inquis and barty. I really want to know when they posted it, as it was postmarked 5 Feb, but the FEB was suspiciously much bolder than the rest of the postmark.

I have stopped being pissed off at my ex-doctor because it was taking too much energy, so now I'm just tired. lindsical says my moods change too often, so there's my explanation ;) Going to bed soon.

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